Friday, June 12, 2015

Reap the benefits of sticking to a frugal life style

I want to share  how I live as a single woman living on a budget. I saved for 2 and a half years by pinching pennies, using coupons, not going out to do fun things, eating big casseroles or pasta for the week in order to buy a house on my own. I studied ... went to a home owner class , asked questions , and went online. I dropped the price of my home and asked if the sellers would contribute $2,500 towards closing. The bid was accepted . I had saved $10,000 to bring to closing. I had money left over , so I paid for 2 mortgage payments & fuel.
 Now I'm 6 months in and still apply everything I've learned to my daily life. Except now I do go and find fun things to do. I make a budget on my calendar. And stick to it.

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