Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Green up day is this wkd .

I chip in every year and clean up around work  (plus I get over time ) . I noticed today along the side of the road traveling to work , many bottles . I know 2 people that collect bottles everyday and it helps them pay for gas . One even saves up enough to have gas $$$ travel . My Dad works at a school and he collects the kids bottles he finds . He gets enough that it adds up to over $100 . I thought what a great idea to help put $$ in your pocket and clean up  the environment .

35 ways to save $$$ from the couple I posted that paid off their house in 5 years.

Dollar General coupon. $5/25-3/15.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Best Old fashioned donuts ! Easy to make and easy on your wallet. I've made these several times . Yummy

Go out to the movies for under $10.

Look at your local theaters and check to see what deals they have . My local theater has $4 seats on certain days or in the  afternoon

Printable coupons from

Price chopper weekly ad for April 27

Redplum printable coupons this week

Printable coupons from this week

B1G1 after Olay coupon at Walmart

Walmart has a $2.97 deal on Olay body wash . Use coupon posted below that came in Sundays paper

Dollar tree weekly ad

Dinner sets & glasses for a buck !

These are my favorite wine glasses. I bought them at the Dollar tree

Vacations for $500/ less.

Tourists spots such as Lake George, NY can be over priced. I went 4 years ago before the season started. I spent under $500 for 4 days . Go online and find lodging . The website will show the times when the season starts every year and what's available ( or you can call). I spent $175 for 4 days off season. While checking in I picked up brochures of things to do in the area & asked about the local resturarants . One cafe had local music & food . You bring drinks . GPS helped me find a local deli that had the best pizza & grinders . And online I found a hole in the wall type seafood restaurant . It had huge lobster and best thing was the price was lowered because it was off season .
Near by towns had museums or gorges . Even travelled to Fort Ticonderoga ( that was the most expensive and nothing exciting). I also landed on these great yard sales ! One lady had just bought a home on the lake & didn't like the furniture or knick knacks . She had a brand new white sectional couch for $20. A dining room set , bedroom furniture , paintings , etc for waaaayyyyy under the price of buying it new in store . I told myself next time I would drive a truck down .
I was able to drive instead of booking a plane ticket . If you're in driving distance it's fun to look at all the towns during your trip and find places or things along the way . 

Adding back to the stockpile

I paid $1 and change for each of these shavers after $3/1 coupon at Walmart.

Friday, April 25, 2014

How to have money when life throws a curve ball and you need a car repair or leaky roof.

I always seem to pay all my bills on time and find ways to pull $$$ out of no where when I absolutely need it . I have 2 different savings accounts , one is a line of credit of $500, another is $1,000 that I can't touch ( unless in dire need ) . Both of these accounts help my credit every month and when I need an extra boost I have it . My line of credit has saved me on more than one occasion , and I can pay $75/ mo on it or pay it all back in a month . I usually pay it back in a week or two. It's always good to have something to fall back on even if it's just to get you through the week.

Love EBAY !

I can't tell you how much EBAY is great ! I find so many deals for under $20 it's unbelievable . Most of my closet is from EBAY . I like name brand clothes for the same price people would go to Walmart or the thrift store to get . The best part is when it arrives and I see the price tag that was originally $50-400. And I paid hardly anything for it ! I bought a DKNY blouse a few months ago , the price tag was $69, I paid $6.27 ( with shipping ) . Amazing !!! I've even paid $.99 for a new pair of Steve Madden black heels for New Years . Sometimes even the used sections are barely worn . I've bought items that were worn once and the seller said they didn't like the color or it didn't fit right . Every day I can look my best from pocket change . 
This item is from one of my favorite stores on EBAY . BHFO . This is a Free people dress for $1.29 .

Flea markets opening soon !

Flea markets are kind of like yard sales , you can find all sorts of things for a reasonable price . And usually you can talk the seller down . Or if you need the extra cash , learn how to set up shop . My Dad did when I was growing up . He made a few thousand in a weekend.

One pot meal for $9.25

Pasta .88 ( Barilla)
Kielbasa 4.79 
Mozzerella cheese sauce 1.39 ( Ragu)
Chick peas 1.19
Spinach 1.00 

JumponitVT has a deal for the drive in movie theater in Colchester,VT

Printable Redplum coupons

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Save $$$ on car repairs .

I had no idea how to fix a vehicle let alone check a battery . I always brought it to a garage that would charge outrageous amounts for a small job . 
Then I had a incident where I was too broke to go to the garage and needed a battery changed ASAP . I walked all the way down the hill to Bond Auto parts bought a battery and walked all the way back up , in the dead of winter . I opened the hood and look at the set up for the old battery . Very simple . I took the old one out and replaced it with the new one . Any auto parts dealer will give you $15 back as well for a old battery.
Another time I had to replace the fan belt on my vehicle . I watched a how to video on YouTube that showed me exactly what to do and where it was located on the type of SUV I have . The belt was $50 and it took 5 minutes to put it in.
If I absolutely am not sure I am able to get a friend to help me and guide me through it . Or I save money by letting them change my oil . All I need to do is get the oil .& filter.
Mechanics charge an arm & leg for maintenance on the vehicles . And I have had plenty of them that don't even fix the problem , or give you another issue so you're likely to come back and shall out more money . I find it much easier and cost efficient to do it myself . And I now watch the people that fix my SUV so I know what's going on . 
Find some guy friends that know how to work on vehicles or educate yourself .

Friday, April 18, 2014

3 Dinners for $20

I bought most of these items at Price chopper and total is $20. I had Alfredo sauce and pasta already at home . I bought a big family pack of chicken for $9 and change . To make the most out of it I sliced it length wise ( shown below) , to make 2 . The first dinner I made was crockpot chicken , I put the BBQ sauce and apricot jam together . I had rice and spinach at home to complete it . The 2nd meal I made baked ranch chicken and the garlic cheese noodles from Kraft. Place chicken in a ziploc bag , add ranch dressing , zip up bag and coat all the chicken . Then bread the chicken with seasoned bread crumbs . Bake at 350 for 20 or til done . I made stuffing for the side , corn and pasta . The last I cut the chicken length wise and cubed it . Cook it up in a fry pan . Cook a box of pasta , add chicken and Alfredo sauce . Mix it all together . Easy 3 meals ! 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Take your kids out today :

Lots of events going on today . Bring the family out for Easter Egg hunts , sign your child up at Barnes & noble by May 2 to enroll in the reading program this summer ( your kid will get a free book) it ends in September, or Burlington, Vt is hosting a skating show for families tonight ( $5 admission ). Listed above are more activities to go to . Check local listings in your area.

Dollar tree coupon match ups from

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Charmin 4 roll toliet paper deal : $1.95

Clearance rack today at Price chopper:

Today on the clearance rack I bought 
Febreze stick on $.71c (5)
Granola bar box of 24 $2 (1) 
Scotch brite botanical disinfectant wipes $1.38 (1) 
Milk of magnesia $ .46 (1) 

It really pays to look at the stores and see where the clearance is . I may go back and get more Febreze stickies . 

Finding treasures in odd places.

When I grew up my family was super broke . Many days eating at grandmas house was the norm . My Dad has always had a knack for fixing up things and making something new . I remember he would go to the dump and find unused items or items that he could make a project out of . For instance he made a huge kitchen table from a table top and banister legs . And painted it . I also know people that find brand new in box stuff that someone will drop off but it hasn't made it to the trash  yet. I know a couple that had a baby and got a new stroller in box at the dump . I'm not saying go trash picking by all means , check to see if items have been dropped off or check recycling .

Free Bic soliel razors free this week after coupon .

Price $2.97 . Use $3 off coupon at Dollar General. End price free

This weekend only ! Get your kids photos with the Easter bunny.

Printable coupons from the,18209049,18191097,18208120,18208187,18208366,18209005,18209153,18196079,18197059

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What to do with expired coupons ? Don't throw them out ! The military families can use expired coupons up to 6 months . I have been looking for a legit web site to adopt a family overseas . Here's a link below from moneysakving

I Just Joined Smiley360

I Just Joined Smiley360 a few weeks ago . So I could join in on missions to try new products for free.

Creative way to teach kids about money :

Every bit of money a child earns either from allowance or grandparents should go in a sort of savings . Either create one at the bank ( some offer kids special rewards ) or a piggy bank . And the next time you go shopping or out to dinner and your child ask to buy something they can pay for it themselves . If it's too expensive tell your child that it's going to have to wait until you earn more money . Offer tips on how to make up the difference . Like Dad needs his car cleaned out . It shows that money doesn't grow on trees and everything you want is earned . Plus they will like spying for things on their own .

Grandmas tip :

Don't throw out the hand soap that is almost done it's use and now tiny . Throw it in your laundry as you wash . It's like washing the clothes hands if you will . Make sure it's all done before it goes into the dryer.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Use the Zest body wash coupon from 3/30 Smartsource insert $1/1 to pay $1.50 at Dollar General.

Target toy deal this week . Could be a great birthday present . And pay only change .

Coupon for Family Dollar . $5/25. Get more coupons online when you sign up .

Credit card debt is the worst for many people . I have never had a credit card nor will I ever . I already know what I would do if I have one & it's not good . Here's some solutions to pay off debt .

Pay .98 after coupon $3/2 for Purex laundry soap at Price chopper .

The one thing you never should do with your credit card .

Walmart coupon match ups for 4/6 week

Free diapers at Pampers gift to grow . If not a member sign up and receive 100 points.

Free 5 count pkg of sharpies at Staples. On sale for $2 and get a coupon to match it.

$10 kid friendly meals

5 meals under $10 that is kid friendly .

Spaghetti w/ meatballs 
Add salad & bread to make the meal better . Still come out at $10

Tilapia and cooked zucchini & summer squash 
Tilapia has a mild taste & super cheap . Kids will like it . And I love fried zucchini & summer squash . Even better if you grow it. I cook it in butter and garlic.

Taco night 
Hamburg / turkey 
Taco kit ( use a coupon) 
Shredded cheese 

Pizza at home 
Pizza dough
Pizza sauce / spaghetti sauce
Fixings ( veggies or meat)
The great thing about this is the kids love to make their own pizza & it makes a ton 

Cube steak w/ onion 
Couscous and corn 
Very healthy and everyone liked it . Add corn to the couscous when done . Yummy 

Hamburg casserole

1 pkg hamburg or turkey burger 
Spagetthi sauce 
16 oz container of sour cream 
I pkg shredded cheddar 
I container of Cresent rolls from Pillsbury
Onion ( optional )

Cook hamburger and onion .Add spaghetti sauce to hamburg after fully cooked . Put enough just to mix in . Set aside 
In small bowl combine sour cream and cheddar . Then take out a casserole dish . Put hamburg in , then sour cream mixture . Line the top with Cresent rolls ( don't roll them up ) , butter  top. Bake at 350 until rolls are golden brown . 10 minutes or so . 

Pay .47c for Dove conditioner at Walmart after coupon

Free Easter eggs at Walmart with coupon

Weekly ad for Target 4/6 . Make sure to sign up for coupons if you already have not & get the Cartwheel app.

An easy way to sell unwanted gift cards is online , like EBAY. Or buy gift cards for generally less than the value of it . This Walmart gift card is a $50 value and bids are at $53 right now .

I have a collection of hand bags . Some day I hope to have one in every color . If you need to clean out the clutter and get $$$ back . Either sell on EBAY or bag borrow or steal .com

Beauty deals

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Looking for new furniture or spring remodel ? Habit for humanity has Re-stores that sell new items at a discount . And you can always donate items , they also do pick ups .

Maple season is upon us in Vermont ! Find different locations to enjoy a family outing . Here's a link below from a Shelburne family .

Easter is right around the corner ! Stock up on kids baskets and festive ornaments for entertaining at the Dollar tree. Use the coupons from last weeks Sunday paper for Easter candy.

In most stores there is a section for rock bottom prices on a clearance rack . Check if your store has one . And it's s chance to stock up on items for free with coupons.

Good deal on a 5 PC dining set at Big Lots. $299.99

Weekly ad for the Dollar General

Vo5 shampoo on sale this week for .89c at Rite aid w/ wellness card. Use the coupon that comes out in Sundays paper for $1 off .,%22issue_id%22:203497%7D

$1.99 for Pillsburys Cresent rolls at price chopper. Use a coupon for $1 off and pay only .99c

Super deal on Purex laundry soap at Price chopper this week. $1.99

Price chopper flyer for 4/6

I give back as much as possible from care pkgs, to donating oldclothes .

Couponing and finding freebies helps me give back to others when I can't afford to.

Cute outfits I already have in my closet . Look at what I posted last night about making new outfits out of clothes you already own. has a new mission for Oxy clean . Log in to see if you qualify.

Freebie for your husband or boyfriend that's the fisherman in your life.

Freebie for Twitter users

From all the couponing I've done I can help out my family & friends for practically nothing . I send care pkgs all the time , it's like Christmas for everyone I give it too.

Freebies from and

Coupon sent to your E-mail from Suave professionals

Nike giveaway from . Just in time for spring training.

Budgeting for myself is a major key to keep my bills paid & live . Every month I write down what I have to pay for & how much money I have til the next week. I always make sure the bills are paid and I have enough gas money for the week. I don't care about anything else . I have food in the cupboard & fridge from coupons . So when I absolutely can't spend a penny for the week I have a stockpile to live off of . If you have a big family you could consider meal planning too.

Rite Aid weekly store guide starting 4/6
I just went to the Family Dollar store . I picked up Pepsi that is in sale this week for .88c . When it rung up it came up full price . I had the cashier change it . Make sure you know the deals ahead of time & coupon policies.

2 inserts for the Sunday paper . Here's the preview

Friday, April 4, 2014

New looks for spring that you might already have in the closet .

I don't have money to splurge on unnecessary items lately . Like clothes . But I always like wearing cute outfits & looking nice . What I've been doing is recreating new outfits from my closet . I paired a melon colored blouse with a everyday cardigan , jeans & leopard flats yesterday . Today I wore a peach wrap sweater , jeans and paisley printed flats. I also look for inspiration online ( like pinterest) to see if I already have an outfit I can put together without spending a penny. 

Redplum coupons for this week

Freebie from a box of Domino brown sugar

Kohls deal on kids clothes