Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Going green on a budget

Weather it's organic farming or solar energy . Going green became more than just a trend for most people ; it's a lifestyle . And with that lifestyle it is expensive . With some research I've found some places to help your budget .
 I found links for organic coupons online , rebates for energy star appliances & tax deductions for solar power . 
 If you are eating healthy organic foods try : whole foods.com , mambo sprouts, and earth fare for coupons . As well as your local Sunday news paper coupons . A lot of the Sunday coupons have increased to healthy foods . 
 Solar power can be expensive to install . When it's not running you will need a generator for electricity . In my state of Vt home owners can get a tax deduction for solar energy or get paid to have a wind mill . I don't know if I'd like a huge wind mill in my back yard . If you have enough land and don't mind the noise , that option might be for you . Go online and research it before making that big decision . 
 When I moved into my home last winter I looked into a new furnace down the road . I discovered rebates my state offeres for new , more efficient models . I can get $500 back . Also any energy star appliance could qualify for $100 rebate . 

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