Sunday, June 21, 2015

12 ways I live frugally

Brown bag lunch opposed to vending machines .
For obvious reasons I rather bring a lunch to work than eating unhealthy , over priced vending machine food . 

Hefty cable bill 
I haven't had cable in years . I still do watch the occasional tv show when I have 2 minutes to sit and watch one . I do it off the internet . And Netflix . 

When I can I stock up on what I need . When massive deals come around & I have coupons to match . I have tons of laundry soap I've paid less than $2 or free . Also pasta , baking ingredients , shampoo, body wash , meat , toliet paper ,etc . All have paid less than $5 or gotten for free . 

Resisting every sale 
Being realistic is key . You don't need a whole basement of paper towels because you can get them free . Or that dress that's on sale , but no where to wear it . Know what you need in advance . 

Using coupons just because you have them 
Same thing here . Be realistic . Every insert or bundle of coupons I get I go through to see if I can use it or anyone I know will . The rest of throw away . 

Waste food 
I've grown up old school . Eat everything on your plate no matter what . Now I still use those values . If I can't eat it I freeze it . I'm single & it's easy to eat half of something and eat left overs the next few days . Even save it for another week . 

I like to research almost anything . It's fun & I find all sorts of things I didn't know before . For instance ; I was able to get a new hot water tank installed for $30 a month . With a warranty . Normally I wound to have known that and would have to come up with $1,000 for one . I also find tons of freebies this way . 

Couponing without buying tons of newspapers
I have asked the local store to save me their leftover Sunday papers . I also buy a bundle on EBAY for less price of a newspaper . Or online coupon sites . 

Mechanic work 
I am lucky enough to work with a ton of guys that know how to fix pretty much anything . If I need an oil change I get one of guys to do it . It cuts my cost in 1/2 from going to a garage . If you don't have that option make sure you know what you are fixing & what the cost should be . I've had plenty of bad experiences that if I do go to a mechanic I know what I am paying for and I watch my vehicle being worked on . 

Learn to live without 
I like going out and doing things like the next person . I have also learned to live without an trip or movie night if I don't have the money . I rather have my bills paid on time than having some fun that would throw my whole budget out of line .

Meal prep 
Planning ahead for everything helps daily life run smooth . Meal planning & budgeting it out is a great way to save money .

Every month I already have my calendar out , and bills planned out every week . If it gets tight I can always sell something or raid my savings . Only for desperate needs though . 

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