Sunday, June 28, 2015

How to budget and save when there are 5 weeks in a month

The month of July ( 2015) there are 5 weeks . Which means for myself , 5 paychecks . I start off like any month with my first round of bills . I pay my vehicle , electric , trash , landscaper , and insurance in the first 2 weeks . Then I pay my mortgage the rest of the month . The extra week will help me save money for extra upcoming bills or put it into a fund so when I need it . 
I've had 5 pay checks in a month many times . The extra money coming in always helps . Sometimes I've had it come up when my vehicle would break . Instead of getting money out of my savings I had the extra paycheck that luckily covered it . 
Take your calendar out or what other form you use to budget . And do what you'd normally do in a 4 week month . Use the extra money wisely so later your budget isn't off track and you can breathe easy . 

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