Monday, March 31, 2014

Dollar tree freebies

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Grandmas casserole. Under $10

I pkg hamburg/ turkey burger
I can tomato soup
Frozen/ canned / fresh green beans
Potatoes ( whatever your preference)
Shredded cheese/ American cheese slices 

Cook hamburg until done . Add tomato soup and green beans . Heat up until cooked . Meanwhile cook the potatoes and mash . Once that's done transfer hamburg mixture into a casserole dish . Top with mashed potatoes. Sprinkle chese ontop and bake at 350 until cheese is melted . About 10 minutes

Pampers swaddlers on sale at Target this week for $5.50. Plus use Sundays coupon for $1.50/1. You pay $3 for a jumbo box !

Get free copy paper at staples by 4/5 gives you coupons , new products and freebies when you sign up online .

Coupons from

Walmart coupon match up this week. Sunday printable coupons & online codes.

Tim & Dougs ice cream at Pick n shovel in Newport , VT. Has some cheap sundaes & cones .

Meat coupons are coming out more in news papers and online . Here's a lot from EBAY for meat coupons .

Great savings on Soda & juice at Family Dollar.

Price chopper weekly ad

H&M is having a massive sale ! Clothes starting at $3. View online or go direct yo the store .

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Great side dish for under $10

Love this recipe ! So affordable and yummy.

Easy meal for dinner on a budget .

I'm in much need of new bedding . Here's a deal on sheets and bedding from

Rite aid deal coming up for free beauty products. I know my sister would like this.

Starting March 31st free coffee at McDonalds .

I'm hunting for new to me furniture at a BARGAIN. I found this couch brand new with a queen size pull out mattress for a whopping price of $100! Amazing right ! I love finding estate sales, yard sales , and browsing on craigslist for barely used deals .

If you're in the mood to get out this wkd check out a brew fest at Smugglers notch . $20 dollars gives you a glass to take home & tickets to try multiple brews. There is also trivia , raffles , music & food .

Freebies this week from And BHG had a coupon book & recipe guide inside .

Hurry ! Only today Old Navy tank tops are $2.

Sundays coupon preview .

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A cheap way to have guests over and on a budget is base it around one or two themes . Here's an idea , fondue night . Fondue pots are inexpensive and there are many ways to use them. Like a cheese pot, chocolate or caramel . They all sound good. And you can dip pretty much anything you want . From bread , pretzels , shrimp or fruit .

My aunt makes this recipe . From Taste of home magazine. Chocolate peanut butter cupcakes . Yummy!!!

I love to read . And every week I buy the news paper . It lets me know what is going on in my community & local towns . It also lets me know what events are going on . Most of the time I spend about $20 . It could be a craft sale to family activities . It also gives you a chance to interact with your neighbors .

Restaurant week is coming up next month in Vermont . Go to for participating vendors . Meals are $15,25,35 or breakfast $10 and less. I do this every year , it gives me a chance to find new places to eat and food. is a website that wants consumers to try products for free. Make an account on the website and follow it from FB of Pinterest . Here's an example of one of the product that's launched today .

Easy inexpensive Raspberry Ribbon pie . From my family recipes

Don't miss out on the Body Shop's 50% off sale!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

7 Habits to frugal living .

Debt free!! Most people want to be debt free right ? Well it takes motivation, effort & time ( which I'm not good at because I'm impatient). You can log onto and look at your 3 scores for a 7 day free trial . After that you have to pay a small fee to look at your credit . In your file you will find your current address , bills , lines if credit , etc. if something is not accurate you can dispute it. That takes up to 30 days for a full investigation. Also credit unions and neighborhood home work agencies help to guide you. A link below gets you started.

Suze Orman is a great finacial adviser for people. I've read some of her books and watched her show a few times . The link below gives you an idea on how to save when you really have no money to do so. Like many people these days it's paycheck to paycheck .

It's always good to change and grow who we are . Here's a link below that will start you off.

Cartwheel app for Target has deals on Dial body wash . Check out the link below

Walmart introduces a new way for everyday low prices . Check out the link below for the full story. is an app I have that gives you deals and cash back . Today I noticed that Kohl's is having a sale 50% off . Download the app or upload it on your computer .

The Family dollar has a coupon on the receipt for $3 off /$15 or more . You can use this coupon plus any manufacturer coupon with your purchase .

I always like good food . And by doing that there needs to be spices. Today I used a packet if bourbon brown sugar from McCormick . It's $1.39 in most stores .

Stock up on body wash , shampoo & deodorant at Kidney drugs this week. Small prices and even better , most of what's listed have coupons from this weeks paper .

Barilla coupon $1/2 came out today . Stock up on more online from EBAY,,, etc and this week Price chopper had a deal 2/$4 . After 2 of these coupons you pay $2

Rite aid deals . As most pharmacies do these days for customers , they give you money back for purchases. All you have to do is fill out a form online to get a wellness card & start getting money back . You can use that in future checkouts. When I first started I filled out my form , received my card a week later in the mail & transferred my prescription from Kidney drugs to Rite aid . That transfer after coupon ( which you can find in flyers) gave me $25 . I bought diapers for my friend , drinks , a couple magazines and gum. Wow !

Start your spring cleaning right !!! Save money at Family Dollar with these coupons out of today's paper.

Target store coupons / deals . I don't have a Target store in Vermont unfortunately , but know of people that are close to one. Below I have a diapers coupon for Target that came out of today's paper. You can also download the Cartwheel app for extra Target savings or log into the site . There is a lot if 50% deals this week be sure to check it out !

For all the families and moms out there... Here's some if today's coupons you can use listed below . And remember to do your homework ! Most stores have baby offers or deals , you have to ask or look online .

Easter candy coupon . Use this at Price chopper . Buy 2 candy eggs for .79c each . After checkout you pay .58c for 2 .

Pay less than $5 for razors . Use this coupon at Walmart and pay 3.97 for it .

JCP sale until 3/26 . Make an account to get E-mails from JCP or get it in the paper today .

Use this at the Dollar tree. Everything is $1.00 in the entire store and guess what most stores except coupons!!! Yay . But it is limited . Since the store only carries certain products and certain amount of packaging , be sure to read the coupons and match up with store deals. You can also look on their website . Below is a coupon for .50c off one Palmolive dish soap. In the Dollar tree all Palmolive is 14oz. So this coupon will be excepted .

Sundays I get one or two newspapers . I buy the Boston Globe & The Burlington free press. Make sure you check the papers before you buy them to make sure there are inserts that week. Some weeks have no coupons . I buy the Boston globe because of the high value coupons and more inserts.

Another outing . Like I mentioned last night in my freebie post ... It pays to do your homework . This is East shore vineyard on Church st in Burlington , VT. There are cheap dates to go out with your girlfriends or date night with your significant other .

Love my wine tasting outings . First of all it's wine & food , who doesn't love that ! And it's usually free or $10 / less. It gives me a chance to find out new wines , local food vendors or upcoming events . If you like your favorite wineries on FB or make an account from all of it links you to what is going on. Also sometimes the wineries give out wine glasses or cups with their logo etched on the side. My sister & I have a mini collection .

Cheap outings .... There are do many inexpensive ways to have fun and get out of the house. This is the Cold Hollow Cider mill in Waterbury ,Vt . You can enjoy there homemade cider donuts for as low as $2.50 / 6 , and free cider tasting as well as a free tour .

Money saving meal. This is a pic of the chicken , broccoli Alfredo I made earlier this week . I'm freezing the rest of it . I paid .88c for a box of pasta , $1.99 for Alfredo sauce , $1.29 for broccoli and I already had chicken on hand . A big meal that lasted me most of the week and cost less than $10. I also had homemade rolls from my aunt that perfected the meal .

Saturday, March 22, 2014 giveaways this web page I found out from YouTube . It's a freebie site .  It always pays to do your homework per-she to find out what sites you can get deals from. 

I cannot tell you how much I love EBAY !!! For just about anything. But there is an even better part , you can stock up on coupons and pay less than 5 newspapers . The way you would usually do it on Sundays . Here's a photo link below to give you an idea . for printable coupons

Here's another site like pgeveryday and redplum. You can even E-mail the company and tell them you like there products would they send some coupons in the mail

Freebies from this site. Last week I signed up for a free sample of Garnierfrutis exfoliating oil. Can't wait to get it ! 

I only have a Walmart close to me . But this website can help with extra coupons & match ups as well. Or down load the Walmart app

Go to for coupon match ups , deals , and other savings . She was also on Cnn news and you can download her app as well .

This is one of my favorite coupon sites. And Sunday inserts . Make yourself an account from either, redplum, or smart source . It's easy to see coupons coming out on Sunday & even better print them at home .

I got all this Arm&Hammer laundry soap last week for FREE!!! Last week price chopper had a sale on this for $1.99 and I had a coupon that matched it.

The post I had earlier today lets you get free magazines like me. These are what came in the mail today . Remember go to and click on rewards country under the magazine link . Then see what's available . Have fun not spending $20 plus dollars on reading .

Log into to get coupons and freebies. You can also find it on Pinterest

Bath & body works coupon for this wkd. Show this at checkout

Love, love this site . Log into and get free magazines subscriptions, free food products and beauty products. Much more.

March 23 coupon insert preview link to Sunday paper coupon inserts for March 23,2014