Sunday, July 19, 2015

How I found free home decor items this week .

I grabbed all of these pieces from yard sales at the end of their day . Bed set , curtains , 2 lamps , vases, a tray , candles & a couple holders . 

Save money on your every item on your grocery list

There are many online coupon sites to pick from today . They all help us pinch pennies with the ever growing prices for food . Here are some that I like 

Saturday, July 18, 2015

How to find a living room set for $40

I went to Goodwill yesterday . Just to browse . I found a couch , love seat & chairs . For under $50 . And in good condition . I only have to shampoo them . 

Get workout clothes for a dollar a piece

I bought 2 pairs of yoga pants at Goodwill . They had a red tag sale that means it was $1.00 a piece . 

How I made a thank you gift for $1.66

My vehicle died last week. The alternator & battery gave out . Luckily I wasn't stranded in the middle of no where . But had to get rides to work & home . I made homemade donuts for everyone that helped me . 

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Garage sale secrets to have success

Hold a theme - moving sale or outdoor gear sale

Schedule it right - make sure you are not one of 100 in town unless you are attending a town wide sale .

Team up- with others or town wide sales 

Advertise- FB, Craigslist , EBAY classifieds, garage sale hunter , and classic newspaper 

Be prepared- put stuff out that people might want or need .

Organize it - make it look like a store , price accordingly 

Get comfortable - get a chair , be friendly to people 

Be safe- don't let people in your home for either to use the bathroom or anything else . And lock up your money in a box or have someone attending it . 

Sunday, July 5, 2015

How I went on a road trip for under a $100

I went to Cape Elizabeth , Maine this wkd . Yes 4th of July wkd . A full tank of gas cost me $40, lunch $21.00, site seeing / miscellaneous $8. 
I drove 3 hours from my house and toured the island for a day . On the way I stopped at yard sales , scenic views , drove through towns I've never been & had fun just getting away for a day . 

B1G1 with high value coupon

B1 Head & Shoulders shampoo G1 free after coupon in today's Sunday paper .