Tuesday, July 29, 2014

No more late fees

1. Write down on a calander what you have due , when . I do this every month so I don't forget what comes up next week.

2. Set aside some time each week to pay your bills and balance your checking . I do this at the end of every week , because I get paid every Thursday .

3. Lighten up your load . Set up automated online or savings for bills . I do for my insurance and my car payment . Some companies will give you a discount if you set it up online .

4. Budgeting to the last penny helps me every week . It also helps to know what your income will be . If you absolutely can not pay that electric bill this week . Don't ignore it ! Call the company and explain what happened and when you will pay it . It also helps you so it doesn't report on your credit . Even setting up a payment plan for a certain bill . As long as the company knows you will pay it . 

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