Sunday, May 25, 2014

What I did for Free this wkd .

Lately I live for the 2 days off I have a week . I like all the OT I have been getting from work but it drains me . Saturday I caught up on house chores , reading and sleep . I love to read ! It relaxes me too . Sunday I went for a ride about 10 miles away . ( didn't waste any gas ) . Then I went online and started getting ideas from Pinterest for the outfits I'm going to wear this week . ( I've come up with all kinds of different outfits lately right from my closet . I look like a million bucks and only paid $20 to $5 for the whole thing .) I made my meal for the week , watched some DVDs , went through old clothes to sell , and researced some credit issues online . I looked at the calander and made a budget of what needs to be paid . 
Monday is Memorial Day , but I volunteered to go to work . To make extra $$$ and no one is usually around to bother me . So I can get extra work done and get time 1/2 . Plus holiday time . 

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