Sunday, May 11, 2014

The way I stock up and live off of it for months .

In October ever year there is a deal on meat at a local little supermarket . I spend $127 or so on enough meat to run through the winter ( winter in VT last up to 7 months) . I buy enough for myself and my family members . If you can find good deals like I do it pays to pile up.
I buy bulk items : like toliet paper , pasta, body wash, shavers or laundry soap . Buying bulk items saves from going to the store all the time & coupons help save even more $$$. Laundry soap I find is the cheapest along with pasta.
Clearance items . These sections of the store are priced way down and it helps me stock up on almost anything for a few bucks . The best is I find stocking up the medicine cabinet on clearance racks is super inexpensive . I found band aids before for .75c . 
As I have said before it always pays to research and find deals to make the dollar go even farther .

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