Sunday, May 11, 2014

Things to do for free:

Bake something ( I will spend days cooking with family . I've made several batches of donuts, sticky buns, cupcakes, cream puffs, etc. then I dispurse my creation to other family members or give it to my co-workers)

Watch a movie 

DIY mani / pedi . I find cute inspiration online .

Organize your closet / home 

Read ( I Love  to read !! I can spend all day at Barnes & noble just sitting with a pile of books . And I don't have to buy a single one. ) 

Garden/ weed it


Look for things around the home you don't need anymore . That you could sell of donate 

Play Nintendo / board games 

Hike / swim/ kayak ( since I live in VT there are many places to do things outdoors for free)

Have a picnic with stuff you have from the pantry 

Visit a neighbor or close friend ( try not to use your vehicle )

Make up a scavenger hunt . ( my Dad used to do this when I grew up, he would draw a map of the items hidden and we would look around the house to find it )

Attend community events . Most community activities are free . And it gives you a chance to participate in your town or meet new neighbors .

Have a yard sale 

Refurbish old furniture / find something you can make a project out of later 

Internet browsing 

Make new outfits from the items in your closet ( look on my older post on how I do it ) 


Wash your vehicle 

Listen to music

Set a list of goals / inspiration ( I do this a lot just so I will stay positive )

Homeowners always have something to do . Paint the outside trim / mow the lawn / landscape / pick the flowers you planted / etc.

Catch up on sleep ( I do this on the weekends . My week is usually crazy so i don't get much sleep in. )

Find change around the house and put it into a savings jar 

Shampoo the carpets ( only if you have a shampooer at home , rather than renting one )
Sign up for freebies 

Hope this helps 

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