Sunday, August 10, 2014

Fill the piggy bank with these $$ savings habits

1. Get rid of your landline phone if you have cell phones

2. Get rid of cable / satellite . Watch tv online 

3. Use cash for everything 

4. Put at least 10% into a savings acct that you can't tap into 

5. Try to carpool to work or move closer if you can

6. Cook at home and take leftovers to work

7. Do your weekly budget . I use a calander to help me 

8. Pay bills on time 

9. It you have a line of credit or credit card , pay it off every month 

10. Avoid lots of big payments if possible 

11. Only go to the store once a week

12. Rent redbox or watch movies online .

13. Use coupons as much as possible . Match with the best sales 

14. Evaluate cell phone use age . Call your provider and ask to lower your bill or change to a go phone .

15. Do hair, nails & makeup at home . Watch YouTube or get ideas off of Pinterest and learn how .

16. Grow your own veggies . Get the kids involved 

17. Do your own yard work 

18. DIY home projects . Make sure you know what you're doing otherwise it will cost you more $$. 

19. Check your bank fees . Change to free checking or a credit  union 

20. Keep track of what you spend 

21. Learn how to live without certain items or shopping all the time .

22. Sell unused items or furniture 

23. Evaluate your car insurance . Get different quotes or look at discounts you can receive .

24. Shop clearance , sales or EBAY to get the best deals .

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