Saturday, April 26, 2014

Vacations for $500/ less.

Tourists spots such as Lake George, NY can be over priced. I went 4 years ago before the season started. I spent under $500 for 4 days . Go online and find lodging . The website will show the times when the season starts every year and what's available ( or you can call). I spent $175 for 4 days off season. While checking in I picked up brochures of things to do in the area & asked about the local resturarants . One cafe had local music & food . You bring drinks . GPS helped me find a local deli that had the best pizza & grinders . And online I found a hole in the wall type seafood restaurant . It had huge lobster and best thing was the price was lowered because it was off season .
Near by towns had museums or gorges . Even travelled to Fort Ticonderoga ( that was the most expensive and nothing exciting). I also landed on these great yard sales ! One lady had just bought a home on the lake & didn't like the furniture or knick knacks . She had a brand new white sectional couch for $20. A dining room set , bedroom furniture , paintings , etc for waaaayyyyy under the price of buying it new in store . I told myself next time I would drive a truck down .
I was able to drive instead of booking a plane ticket . If you're in driving distance it's fun to look at all the towns during your trip and find places or things along the way . 

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