Sunday, April 6, 2014

$10 kid friendly meals

5 meals under $10 that is kid friendly .

Spaghetti w/ meatballs 
Add salad & bread to make the meal better . Still come out at $10

Tilapia and cooked zucchini & summer squash 
Tilapia has a mild taste & super cheap . Kids will like it . And I love fried zucchini & summer squash . Even better if you grow it. I cook it in butter and garlic.

Taco night 
Hamburg / turkey 
Taco kit ( use a coupon) 
Shredded cheese 

Pizza at home 
Pizza dough
Pizza sauce / spaghetti sauce
Fixings ( veggies or meat)
The great thing about this is the kids love to make their own pizza & it makes a ton 

Cube steak w/ onion 
Couscous and corn 
Very healthy and everyone liked it . Add corn to the couscous when done . Yummy 

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