Friday, April 25, 2014

Love EBAY !

I can't tell you how much EBAY is great ! I find so many deals for under $20 it's unbelievable . Most of my closet is from EBAY . I like name brand clothes for the same price people would go to Walmart or the thrift store to get . The best part is when it arrives and I see the price tag that was originally $50-400. And I paid hardly anything for it ! I bought a DKNY blouse a few months ago , the price tag was $69, I paid $6.27 ( with shipping ) . Amazing !!! I've even paid $.99 for a new pair of Steve Madden black heels for New Years . Sometimes even the used sections are barely worn . I've bought items that were worn once and the seller said they didn't like the color or it didn't fit right . Every day I can look my best from pocket change . 
This item is from one of my favorite stores on EBAY . BHFO . This is a Free people dress for $1.29 .

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