Saturday, April 19, 2014

Save $$$ on car repairs .

I had no idea how to fix a vehicle let alone check a battery . I always brought it to a garage that would charge outrageous amounts for a small job . 
Then I had a incident where I was too broke to go to the garage and needed a battery changed ASAP . I walked all the way down the hill to Bond Auto parts bought a battery and walked all the way back up , in the dead of winter . I opened the hood and look at the set up for the old battery . Very simple . I took the old one out and replaced it with the new one . Any auto parts dealer will give you $15 back as well for a old battery.
Another time I had to replace the fan belt on my vehicle . I watched a how to video on YouTube that showed me exactly what to do and where it was located on the type of SUV I have . The belt was $50 and it took 5 minutes to put it in.
If I absolutely am not sure I am able to get a friend to help me and guide me through it . Or I save money by letting them change my oil . All I need to do is get the oil .& filter.
Mechanics charge an arm & leg for maintenance on the vehicles . And I have had plenty of them that don't even fix the problem , or give you another issue so you're likely to come back and shall out more money . I find it much easier and cost efficient to do it myself . And I now watch the people that fix my SUV so I know what's going on . 
Find some guy friends that know how to work on vehicles or educate yourself .

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