Sunday, June 29, 2014

Pinching the last penny til payday. We've all been there . Tips on how to stay on track & make it .

Last week I had 2 huge bills to pay . My rent & line of credit . Plus I had to waste $40 in gas money to go to my Jeep dealer and see what is wrong with my car for the 3rd time . Every month / week I make a budget to the T and know exactly what I can spend , I pay all my bills on time to increase credit , and I know exactly his much money I'm going to need until the following week. I need about $50 . 
If you absolutely need extra money and a bill may be late . Call the company ! I've called my insurance company before to take our my $$ a few days later. And it's not late . As long as you're current on all bills usually companies won't have a problem . 
Last week I sold a bed set for $100 . That helped me pay for my phone and some gas for the week. This week I  selling a gift card on EBAY . Every bit helps . 
I also Do Not shop for anything I absolutely don't have the $$ for or need . I wait for sales at clothing stores or shop online . 
Have an emergency fund for things that go wrong in life or you need a few extra bucks to make it through the week. I have 2 savings that I can't touch only if something drastic happens . And I have a line of credit up to $500. 
Keeping on track may limit what you can do or going out to eat . But I feel good when my bills are paid on time & I have food & can make it to work every day. 

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