Saturday, October 10, 2015

How to put $500 into your pocket after buying a new furnace

I bought my home less than a year ago . It's an older home , built in 1965. But most houses in my area are . There hasn't been many updates since it was built . I've done a little here and there . Recently I bought a new oil furnace . Because the one in my home caught fire and was no longer able to use . About $6,000 later it works great , I'm warm and safe again . 
I then called Efficiency VT ( I live in VT , you should check your area ) about savings and rebates . The lady told me to fill out the rebate form online and send it in . So I did . A check was mailed back to me for the amount of $500. 
I also asked about the other improvements I've made to the house . I will be able to get rebates for them too . A new dishwasher , new washer / dryer, hot water tank , lights and bulbs . Check your local area or state to see if you can qualify for home improvement .

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